Math Class Today

/ 4 March 2004

Today in math class we first did the warm-up. The warm-up was to do many fraction problems. They where all hard. Then Mr. Colon (our math teacher) showed us the websites that we would be visiting after lunch. After lunch when I got back to the math classroom everybody but me checked out laptops (I diden’t becoulse of thiis one even thought Mr. Colon diden’t belive me when I told him that my laptop had airport stuff on it which it does). Then Mr. Colon handed out a sheet with the internet addresses and questions to answer about each website. Below is a list of the actual sites for you to check out yourself.

  1. Mathlets Fractionpie

  2. Identifying Fractions With Lines

  3. Fresh Baked Fractions

Now that I have given you the list I will give you some tips about the websites above. For the “Mathlets Fractionpie” all you really need to do is experiment with the pie and play basicly. But on the top right hand corner it will show you the pie in both fractions, decimals, and percents (the pie is in the center of the page). For the “Identifying Fractions With Lines” all you need to do is look at how many sections there are in the line and type that as the denomonornator and look at where the arrow is and type that in for the numorator. Then click “OK”. After it tells you if your right or not click “New Example”. For the “Freash Baked Fractions” first chose which dificulry level you want. Then look at the fraction and click which one is not equivelent to the rest. Every one you get right you get a piece of pie. I hope you enjoy the fun fraction links. I know I did. After that it was the end of the period. Well good-bye.