My Second Day of The Third Quarter

/ 2 March 2004

Today was the second day of the third quarter. But just like the first day I missed half the day becoulse of a doctors appointment. But this time instead of it being nuro-syec one it was one with doctor Coop expaining my gate lab. What was funiest about it was what my dad was doing. What he was doing was sitting on me and telling me to pinch his neack like Spuck apparently did in the original Star Trek sieries. When I did he fell over pretending to die. Which both me and my mom thought was pretty funny. When Coop finaly got there he showed us a vidio from the actual gate lab. Then he told us the main options it provided for me. The first was to keep doing what I have been doing which was to do botox and keep wearing my brace. The second option was to do surgery on my leg and be in a cast for two months. The one I would prefer would be to keep doing what we have been doing. But that’s really for my parents to decide not me. Then we came home for lunch. After that we dropped my dad off at the U-Of-M and then my mom droped me off at Crosswinds. The first thing I did was Math. In math we played a fraction game. Then got our homework which there is a sample of a ways down.. Then I had Language Arts. In language arts we did stuff about our name. Below is a sample of the answer key I made. I hope you en joy it.

  1. The qualities I think I have are art, and bilding.

  2. Yes. The one I have is Z. I like it a lot. But not in public.

  3. The way my I learned what my name meant was becoulse my parents told me and becoulse I just read it in books. So the first thing I thought it meant was gift from god (but Mr. Paulson’s is that so obviouly I was wrong). But my parents told me that it was half right but that my middle name was more that. Then just now I read that it meant protector and/or defender.

Of course since it was a answer key that is above (or part of one) you can’t see the questions but below are those.

  1. What qualities do you think your name has?

  2. Do you have a last name and do you like it?

  3. Write a story about your name?

So now you got a pretty good taste of what I did in Language Arts today. So after that we did reading. In reading we read some variations of the Creation Story (how god made the world). We also got our reading logs. Then on the way to Wendys for dinner I did my math homework. Below is a sample of it.

  1. That angle is way better than mine since you used a protractor.

  2. The area of this is as big as my room at home.

  3. The average of this is as good as my whieght at the hospital.

  4. That line won’t bisect if it is paraell.

But like the Language Arts sample this one dosen’t have the questions. So look below for those.

Basicly all of the above answers are examples of the words below.

  1. Angle

  2. Area

  3. Average

  4. Bisect

But for my homework I diden’t just do that I also did fraction stuff. During dinner at Wendy’s I got a double cheese burger. At about 5:00 pm some of my brother’s class arived. Ten minnites later his teacher arived. At that time we left. Now here I am writing this blog. Well good-bye (finaly)