The First Day Of The Third Quarter

/ 1 March 2004

Today was the first day of the third quarter. But becoulse of a doctors appointment I unfoutunitly missed half of it. Which of course meant that I missed the time when the other kids got their quarter long scedules. The appointment was a nuro-syec appointment at the U-of-M’s hospital clinic. It took all morning and was totally boring. But finaly it was over and I went to Crosswinds. The rest of the day was compicated but fun. During that same time my parents where at a meeting about me being able to use this laptop for all my school stuff and after school my parents told me that I could use it for school. But they did say that I needed to change a few things like my sections password so they can get to it in an emergency and put that same password to a way so that every time I open the top or wake it from sleep I need to enter that password. Those two things are so if any kid steals it it would be useless becoulse of the password thing. Also if you’re wondering how this entire laptop thing came to be is becoulse my handwriting is so bad that we (the team of teachers and my parents and me) thoght it would help to get me one. So we did about three weeks ago and now finaly tomowow I will use it for school. The main way the school agreed to do this was becoulse we said that we would buy it. Other than the school buying it. The main school subjects I have that I will use it for are math, social studies, reading (logs), science, and language arts. The subjects I have that I won’t need/use it for are music, stodio art, integrated art, and lunch. Well I hope you have enjoyed my long blog entry for today good-bye.