Personelizing My iBook G4

/ 29 February 2004

Today me and my dad took some time to personelize my laptop. What we did was quite simple actuly. Now my iBook G4 has a red apple instead of the clearish one that it came with. Below is a picture of me with it.

As you can see in the picture above my laptop has a red apple instead of the normal one like I said it woulld above the picture. If you want to do something like I did simply click here for the same instructions that I used. But if you are going to click there keep in mind that you will have to own an iBook to get it to work. You not necisarily need an iBook G4 like I do but at least an iBook. If your wondering why I needed to personilize my laptop it was becoulse at school I will be around tons of laptops like the one that I have so I needed some way for me and my classmates to tell the difference. Well good-bye.