My New Home Page

/ 28 February 2004

Last night I completly redisinged my home page. Now it has a very relaxing feel to it unlike my old version and unlike this site. But I’m thinking of either changing this site to look more soothing looking (preferbly like my home page) or making my home page more active looking (preferbly like this site then). But I would like to make this site more soothing looking other than making my home page more active looking. No matter what I will try to keep my sites prettier than both my mom’s blog and my mom’s home page. Which both aren’t that pretty at all. If you explore them you’ll relize that for yourself. In fact I would not even attempt to make my blog and my homepage look the same if it weren’t for the factt that they both have a title thing split from the rest on the top and a coulm of stuff on the right side split from the rest. To find this stuff out for yourself simply look around this site and click here to look around my home page. After you do that you’ll see what I mean and why I could simply put the same color scheme from this site into my home page. Of course you don’t need to do this when you click on the “click here” thing you can also just simply explore it and enjoy yourself with my links that I have linking off it and The Alex Story I have featured on it with even more links off it. Well good-bye.