Arctic Adventures

/ 17 February 2004

Today was the first day of Explore. So before I talk about Arctic Adventures I want to talk about Explore itself. So first here is my scedule for Intersesion Explore:

Explore scedule

Hoomroom: Peirce in Mr. Paulson’s area

1: Arctic Adventures bigining in Food Lab

2; Arctic Adventures bigining in Food Lab Lunch 3: Photography workshop in Mr. Paulson’s area

4: Transformation Stories in Seminar Earth 1

Unlike Sharpen The Saw I won’t go step-by-step though it but I will tell you one or two highlights from it I had today. So, hoomroom was just plain boring. Arctic dventures I’ll just say read on and you will find out more about it. Lunch was yummy. Photogrophy was great and last but not least Transformation Stories was fun.

So now to explain all of my morning to you. First in Arctic Adventures we talked all about the week. Then we got the snow shoes on and headed out. After trudging thuogh the deepest snow we got to the border of the oficial Crosswinds forest. So we entered it without any fear. We played Thicket in the center of the forest then we headed on to the oficial Crosswinds lake (we where the first ever class on it). We where headed for the island of Crosswinds.We where carful not to fall in. On the island we explored. Then we left and where back at the food lab in twenty mintes. So we had water and hot chocolate. After that we had to do our daily journals. Then finaly we where dismised to lunch. Well that was long. Good-bye