First Day Of Sharpen The Saw

/ 11 February 2004

Since real school for me does’nt start until March, my school has something called Intersesion. What Intersesion is, is a two week program that acts like school but it’s not. What I mean by that is it has the normal bus routes and time stuff, but it is optional and it is basicly fun and games. But the fun and games stuff is only the last week. This week is Sharpen The Saw. Which is a week of what is basikly summer school since I go to to a year-round school. Which means my school has no summer. That is what “Year-round” means. Personily I like the last week best which is Explore (the fun and games). Below is my Sharpen The Saw scedule. Before I go on I want you to see it.

Sharpen the saw scedule

Hoomroom: Corrigan in the water food lab

1: Just the FACS in the water food lab

2: Keyboarding and me in lower earth one Lunch 3: Transformations for peace in uper earth one

4: Probly not in uper earth two (Mr. Paulsons room) “ So now that you saw my Sharpen The Saw scedule I will go step-by-step though it with you. First Hoomroom is when our class (whiich is different in Intersesion then in the) meets and greets. Second, I have “Just the FACS which is a cooking class taght by Ms.Corigan. Third I have “Keyboarding And Me” which is a keyboarding class taght by Mr.Nelson. Fourth I have Lunch. Fith I have “Transramations For Peace” which is a peace class since my school (Crosswinds) soon will become a national peace site taght by Ms.Grady. Sixth I have “Probly Not” which is a math class taght by Mr.Russo. Then the day is finnaly over. I know this blog is getting long but I want to explain to you the Locations of the classes before I say good-bye. But before I do that I need to explain to you the “House” system for Crosswinds. So, kindof like “Hogwarts” Crosswinds has a house system. In fact the only diference is that the houses are not house-like, they are more classroom-like. Their names are “Earth (mine)”, “Sol”, “Water”, and “Sun’. Also each house has a “one” and a “two” which each are two levels. The water food lab is in lower )water one in the back of the school. The earth seminar (period 2) is in the front of the school along with the last two periods. However the caffiteria (Lunch) is in the center of the school. Well good-bye untill next time.