Having Fun With The Laptop

/ 9 February 2004

This is my second full day of the laptop being in use. Now I can tell you more about it. First It’s name is “Samwise Gamgee” becoulse in the “Lord Of The Rings” Sam helps Frodo and this laptop will help me with school. Second I have a large set of pictures of my thousands of legos for my desktop rotating from one to the other at five minute intervals. If your wondering exactly what I will use this laptop for it is school. I’ll be using it for everything from doing homework on it to making notes on it to puting my entire planner in it. Which means that I will put my due dates in it and my normal calender stuff in it as well. The only problem is that the teachers at Crosswinds Midle School havent yet aproved me brining it to school. But if you look at the bright side if they don’t aprove it I will still have the laptop since I can’t return it to the apple (which is where I got it from). Well I think that is all I should tell you right now. Untill next time (which should be tomorow) goodbye.