Mother Teresa’s Canonization

/ 4 September 2016

Earlier today (as in, at 3 am where I am) Pope Francis canonized Mother Teresa. Despite not a peep about this occasion at the liturgy I was at earlier this morning this nevertheless is a moment worth noting. It is worth noting not just as any old canonization would be, but since Mother Teresa is unquestionably one of the “modern day” saints for whom there are still people alive today who were around her. Since that group includes one of my grandmothers and one of my aunts it is even more appropriate that members of my family take special note of this canonization. I actually do have a closer link to Mother Teresa than many because of them.

Among the myriad of Mother Teresa related things worth revisiting today I’ve read over a biography paper I wrote on her back in 2011 for one of my Peace Studies classes at CSB/SJU. I haven’t touched that project since then, despite apparent aspirations at the time that I may eventually add to it, but it is definitely appropriate to read what is there today of all days. Who knows, maybe it’d be worth reworking the last part of that paper to reflect today’s canonization and/or actually put up some of my other original research notes. But still that seems somewhat unlikely to happen, we’ll see if I ever do that. Still, what is there is worth a read. For those interested, you can also read the blog post where I first linked to this paper, back on the 10th of October in 2011.

Regardless how much or little you know about Mother Teresa as you read this, I encourage you all to at the very least take a moment to recognize this new saint. If you have more time on your hands this Labor Day weekend then perhaps reading over the links above and whatever else you can find on Mother Teresa would be something worthwhile to spend some time on.