From Death to Life in Harold and Maude

/ 11 May 2014

Today I, um, finished my entire undergraduate academic career by turning in the final two papers for classes as my final finals week begins, not at the tail end of it. This has effectively freed me to just enjoy my final week of getting to call CSB/SJU my current home and hopefully fully feel its serene peaceful calm that all people just visiting campus can, or at least try to amidst the emotional roller coaster this next week will be. The first of these papers was an analysis paper I did on the 1971 monumental film Harold and Maude (the second paper is linked from the same page my capstone paper is). The title From Death to Life describes what I talk about in the essay, but I essentially compare the two man characters in the film to being representative of the sexual revolution that took place in the 1960s. Any comments on the essay are welcome here or via email.