All Set for Graduation from Saint John’s University

/ 20 March 2014

Today at SJU was the Grad Finale, where those graduating at the end of the semester go to confirm eligibility for commencement participation, sign up for senior events, browse graduation products, get our academic attire (that we get to keep) issued to us, and so forth. Since that occurred today (and I am indeed all set to graduate as long as I pass my classes this term, which I will, though by my calculations technically need only to pass the Peace Studies capstone and one other course to meet the graduation requirements in full) I only feel it appropriate to formally publish the page on my blog where I have already put, and will be putting more in the coming weeks, information regarding the graduation festivities up for you all and on which, come Easter, you’ll all be able to comment to leave messages of congratulations for me (please don’t post them to this blog post so that they’re all in one place for all to see and respond to). I find it virtually impossible to get back to real academic work this evening following the afternoon’s event (though did do what I need to for tomorrow’s classes already anyhow), as I have the ceremony coming up in just under 2 months on my mind too much, but my lack of productivity doesn’t bother me at all because, well, it seems appropriate for graduating seniors on this day. I’ll return to academics around 9 am tomorrow. I now leave you with a photo of the academic gown and hood which I will be wearing into the Abbey/University Church this May:

SJU Academic Attire