Gallery of my Digital Art Work

/ 6 December 2013

As scary as it is in many ways, next week is the final week of classes for the Fall semester of my senior year, with only 2 finals (and turning in one final paper) to go the week after that. Wednesday is the final class of the Computer Art 2 course I’ve been in. As such, this week I pretty much completed the final project for that course by printing some sample images for the class’ gallery.

Following my goals at the start of the semester this project’s primary method of display is in a website actively designed to try and bring the experience of being in a physical art gallery to the web. Due to that distinct display method I may still edit some of the images slightly in the next week or so (and going forward as inspiration comes). For all of next week a sample of images from my final project will be up in a physical gallery in the BAC at CSB, but ultimately the online digital art gallery I’ve put together is the only lasting display for all of the images from all of my projects.

Yes, all of my projects. Shortly after getting the basic site in place, and just before adding a link to it to the sidebar of my website (so, it has been accessible to you for a few weeks already), I moved all of the other computer art projects I did both earlier this semester and from back in my freshmen year when I took the Computer Art 1 course to this web gallery. I’ve even put part of one independent project from Avalon there that was earlier digital art of mine, and in time will probably add other digital art from my pre-CSB/SJU days.

Though the website was built up, hand-coded by me, as part of my final project for Computer Art 2 it has a much larger vision leading it, as me moving all my previous projects show. As I continue through my life I will add all the digital art I work on to this site, making it a sort of portfolio of my work. This also means that while I spent hours and hours coding the website with some very forward-thinking and code-simplifying, almost API-like, methods (that aren’t visible if you merely “view source” in a web browser, you must actually look at the raw code which cannot actually be viewed as code in a web browser) it is nowhere near finished, just like any programming project is never truly done. So even with the separate digital art projects completed there are improvements to the website itself that I have plans for churning in my head. As time allows these will be implemented.

With that introduction I’ll let you explore all the digital art that I’ve created over the years. I intend this to be a place that is a lasting viewable archive of my digital art which lets the viewers easily spread the work should they deem it worthy. Eventually the site itself may gain some layer of interactivity, like a comment stream for each project or the like. I hope you all enjoy the glimpse all these art projects inherently give you of my own thoughts.