Final Plates for First Computer Art 2 Project

/ 21 September 2013

The middle of last week I printed and hung on a wall at the BAC the two plates of my first Computer Art 2 project, in doing so finishing the project. As is my practice with all my academic papers and projects, though is a bit more formally done for the Computer Art 2 class, I’ve posted the final images to my website. The webpage is designed such that outside of brief introductory and closing statements the page is set up to be a replica of as close as is possible the way in which the plates are hung in the BAC. The area which is this replica is marked by a double-lined border. The two things I did differently for the online version is that the images have a dashed border to show where their physical edges are and I had to align the images right above one another instead of with a slight amount of space between and aligned such that the words on either side where aligned exactly. Any questions, comments, critiques, or concerns are welcome in the comments of this blog post. As a fun exercise, if you feel up to it, add in comments what other halves of the phrase you would append before the last half of the phrase and/or append after the first half of the phrase. I actually designed the split of the phrase between the plates with such an exercise in mind, at least in part. Anyways, I hope you like these final plates.