Draft of Final Computer Art 2 Project 1 Plates

/ 14 September 2013

This past week I chose that my Question Mark image would be my final plates to go with for the first Computer Art 2 project. The above link will take you to the current draft of these plates. I chose to go with the question mark image, which is nearly complete save lots of minor tweaking, because I liked the shape the words made and the track the viewer’s eyes follow in that shape when reading the phrase. Additionally, by splitting the phrase at “to” I create the chance for the viewer to imagine what other endings such a phrase could have or even starlings for which the phrase would end on the second plate. “Questions” is emphasized by the shape as a whole, so I color “Fundamental” to emphasize it such that in the end both words get emphasis like they were in my “Fundamental Question” design. “Strategists” gets the same colored emphasis, and I’m considering if another word in the first plate deserves emphasis or not along with it. The latest iteration of this design has it such that “Answer” is broken so that the “wer” acts as the dot of the question mark, further emphasizing “Many Fundamental Questions” by centering those on the lower half of the second plate being separate of the drawn image altogether. As always, comments on this project as you see its progress are welcomed with an open mind. By the middle of next week we’ll be printing the final images, and at that time I will post the final version of these plates here for your viewing and contemplating pleasure.