20 Sketches for the First Computer Art 2 Project

/ 6 September 2013

The gallery at the bottom of this post contains images of all 20 sketches that I made for figuring out what to do for the images for the first Computer Art 2 project. Each image has an informative caption to note the basic idea it was a sketch of. The first two images in the slideshow (sorry that it auto-starts, I wish that it wouldn’t but can’t figure out how to change that behavior right now, I hope to find a way to in the future) are the first two sketches I made. These were made before I was told we had to stick to a grid. The following two images are my favorite two concepts, and are of emphasizing a single word on one of the plates and drawing out (on a grid) a question mark, respectively. From there I chose to include all my sketches as they each lend a concept that I may incorporate part of into the final images. One such concept was the notion of capitalizing the “Q” in “questions” as a way to emphasize that word’s importance. All these sketches have elements that are unique, and together they represent the furthering of my creative process as I probe for what will be the best ways to textually visualize the phrase that I’ve chosen. Feel free to leave comments on these sketches, but I’ll just leave you with them to look at and figure out the extent to which they may work or not.

[gallery type=”slideshow” link=”file” ids=”1999,1998,2009,1992,2008,2007,2005,2006,2004,2003,2002,2010,2000,2001,1997,1996,1993,1994,1995,1991”]