Worthwhile Reading

/ 19 July 2013

This summer I’ve been doing an internship with the Saint Paul Area Council of Churches as part of the Peace Studies major at CSB/SJU. My primary responsibility has been to create a blogging site as a part of their revamping effort for their website (the main website, linked above, has not yet changed to the new website design the blog mimics). The council’s executive director, Patricia Lull, posted as her inaugural blog post a pledge regarding what she’ll be posting on the site. This is a pledge I feel that I should try and hold to myself for my posts to this blog. You’ll see in the comment I left on her post my feeling that all bloggers should hold themselves to some form of this pledge. From Patricia’s post:

Before I hit “post”, I’ll step back and ponder whether my words deserve your time as readers. If I reckon they do not, I’ll pause and “hold that thought” until it matures into something more fully formed.

Patricia further holds anyone who chooses to comment on her posts to the same pledge:

And if you comment on something I’ve written I’ll receive your words with similar integrity, imagining that you, too, have thought well about what you want to say through this exchange.

Though every post I put here may not have quite that level of integrity (and it is a given that posts written even half a decade ago weren’t held to this), I hope that most of my blog posts do match this at least 80%. Hey, at least it is a good excuse for how little I’ve posted here, save for academic work during the semesters, recently.

In a nutshell, I hope that what is posted here ends up being worthwhile for you to have read, and that if you choose to comment on any post that what you add to the discussion is worthwhile for both me and other readers to read. Us humans don’t have that long on this Earth in retrospect, so all we do, including what we read, ought to be worthwhile.