/ 19 May 2013

I don’t normally post about iOS apps here, but then again the kinds of things that I’ll post here this summer are not necessarily going to have that much in common with each other (after all, no captivating academic papers are written by me during the summers right now).

Anyway, Dots is a simple iOS game that promises to incinerate your productivity. Seriously, the simplicity of a game merely connecting colored dots means that you can easily find yourself playing it all too much. It is good that I still have about a week before my internship begins and have good control over such negatively-productive things, but not everyone is as lucky. If you want to try a relatively new game that has a clean design and is free then you should go download Dots. If you do risk downloading this game and kissing productivity good-bye then once you’ve played it for a while feel free to share your thoughts and/or scores here (thoughts should also be shared in a review on the iOS App Store). I, for one, rarely get scores under 100 anymore if I’m truly paying full attention to the game.