Peer Mediation Paper in the DigitalCommons Repository

/ 17 May 2013

CSB/SJU maintains an online repository of scholarly work that its faculty and students have authored, called DigitalCommons@CSB/SJU. Most commonly students will submit their work for inclusion in this permanent, searchable (including Google Scholar), archive following presenting at Scholarship and Creativity Day. It was shortly after Patrick Buller and I presented our paper on peer mediation in U.S. high schools this past April that our faculty advisor for the research project, Ronald Pagnucco, nominated the paper for submission to this archive. Shortly thereafter I filled out the online form submitting the work, and just today (while still recovering from yesterday’s wisdom teeth removal surgery) answered questions from and submitted paperwork to the curator of the archive. As of earlier in probably this past hour our paper is now one of the first scholarly works by students to be uploaded into the new institutional repository (according to the curator, but this repository has been around for a while so I don’t fully understand that statement). Now, with the paper having been available here on my website since the day we turned it in over a year ago this technically isn’t the first publication of it, but it is the first official academic publication of this paper, and with that the first time either Patrick or I have gotten work officially published. Even before today the paper was relatively high in any Google search for keywords used in the title, but now the paper will inevitably soon become even more accessible to those looking to do research on related topics. This isn’t likely to be the only academic publication Patrick and I submit this paper to, so long as Ron gives us the information on submission to at least one other journal he talked to us about. As the paper potentially gets published elsewhere I’ll be sure to make note of it here on my blog.