Sisyphus’ Inner Monologue

/ 29 April 2013

As the second-to-last reading assignment for my Philosophy of Human Nature course (this is the first day of the final 6-day cycle of this semester, and CSB/SJU in general given the switch to a 5-day cycle next term) we read The Myth of Sisyphus (aside from what I just linked to there are numerous versions of it to be found using a search engine…). The written assignment that went along with this reading was to write down what we thought Sisyphus’ inner monologue/thoughts would be as he rolled this boulder up the slope and watched it roll back down endlessly. I thought some of you may find it interesting, so I’m posting it here. I’ve posted a ton of stuff this month alone, but as April fast comes to a close so is the Spring semester as of the end of next week, so there won’t be a huge amount more academic work I post here the remainder of this semester. As always, any sort of discussion on the work I post here in the comments is welcome.