Biography of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer

/ 23 April 2013

As one of the major assignments for the Freedom of Speech course I’ve been taking this semester we had to write a biography on a U.S. Supreme Court justice. We could pick any justice, from those currently seated on the Court to those who where there when the U.S. Supreme Court began. I knew I’d want to pick one of the current justices, and from there wanted to choose someone whom I didn’t know much of anything about. Thus I decided to pick Stephen Breyer as the subject for my justice biography paper, which was due in class today. With this paper out of the way I have just one more paper and the final exam left in this course before the semester is over. Across my other courses I have primarily daily readings/assignments and two or three other minor final papers or projects to go, but overall (since the workload is manageable) it feels like a relatively straight road to the completion of my junior year at Saint John’s University. As with all my other papers that I post here I’m open to whatever discussion on the paper you feel inclined to leave in the comments here.