What is a Human Life? What is a Meaningful Human Life?

/ 18 April 2013

These are the underlying questions for the sixth unit in my Philosophy of Human Nature course as the capping point of the semester. Today we had our initial responses due, so for the final time I’m turning my responses loose here for all to read and discuss. Mere weeks remain in the semester, and lots to do in that intervening time, so I’m going to have a busy yet interesting time between now and May 10th. Despite my busyness I can assure you that you’ll continue to see assignments of mine here as they’re turned in (call it something remotely non-academic to spend short bits of time doing in the craziness of the semester’s end, or just call it the usefulness of WordPress’ ability to schedule posts to publish at a later date from writing them). Anyway, as always, discussion related to these questions and/or my responses is welcome in the comments.