Peer Mediation Paper at Scholarship and Creativity Day

/ 16 April 2013

Every year towards the end of the Spring semester CSB/SJU holds its annual Celebrating Scholarship and Creativity Day. No classes are held and the day is spent with students and faculty presenting their work and attending presentations of their colleagues’. This year the event will be held on Wednesday, April 24th. My co-author, Patrick Buller, and I will be presenting the research paper we wrote a year ago on peer mediation in United States high schools as part of a Peace Studies panel from 3 to 4 pm that day in HAB 107 on the CSB campus. All the presentations are open to the public, so though I know almost everyone who reads this doesn’t have the means to attend any of the presentations I still figure that I should note this presentation will be happening. The first link above takes you to more details about the day, a searchable schedule of presentations, and campus maps among other things. Though unlikely, if a recording of the panel ends up online somewhere I will link to it from a future blog post.