Ethics Common Seminar Personal Statement

/ 29 November 2012

Outside of two (inevitably painful, both as studying what will be on the tests is quite hard to know you’re doing even with a study guide and as the second is at 8 am on a Monday) significant tests and 3 relatively quick and painless daily written assignments the final assignment for my Ethics class was a personal statement I turned in earlier today. How is the term a mere 2.5 weeks from completion already?!?! We were given a statement (Justice requires that the prosperous in society contribute to meeting the basic human needs of those who are unable to provide for their needs through their own efforts.) and asked to articulate our views in relation to course authors and especially our personal beliefs. My statement drew on some of the principles I listed in an earlier assignment that I posted here, but expanded on each of those and incorporated some other ideas of mine as well.