On Our Shoulders

/ 13 October 2012

Last night my mom pointed me to the letter On all of our shoulders: A Catholic Call to Protect the Endangered Common Good. This is a letter co-signed by well over 30 academics, 8 of which are here at CSB/SJU, 3 of those are connected to Saint John’s Abbey, and 2 of them are part of the Peace Studies department (one being Fr. Rene and another being the department chair, Ron), and lastly one of those 8 is my Ethics professor, Daniel K. Finn (the class is titled Justice in the 21st Century). The letter describes how our nation is at a tipping point amidst this election cycle, and the threat to the Catholic Church’s teachings that Paul Ryan would be if his policies got implemented. The letter discusses 5 principles of Catholic Social Doctrine that are most in danger of being forgotten or changed as a result of this election if the Republicans win. It is an interesting read, and certainly interesting as well how many people here co-signed it.