A Response to Ratzinger’s First Instruction on the “Theology of Liberation”

/ 17 December 2011

As the final paper for my Religion in Latin America course we had to pretend that we were a poor Catholic in Nicaragua in the 1990s and write a response letter to our parish priest on Cardinal Ratzinger’s (now, of course, Pope Benedict XVI) first instruction on the “Theology of Liberation”. In doing so we had to tie in some of the history of Liberation Theology in Nicaragua and Latin America more broadly. For this I largely used Gustavo Gutierrez’s Notes for a Theology of Liberation. I hope that you enjoy reading this paper of mine. In all likelihood this is the last assignment of the Fall 2011 semester that I’ll be posting to my blog, as all I have left are two exams (one Monday afternoon and one Tuesday afternoon) to study for and take.