A Lesson on Friendships from Gatsby and Clare

/ 27 October 2011

I just turned in the second paper for the English class I’m taking this semester. The texts we were to draw on for this paper were The Great Gatsby and Passing. Ultimately we were suggested to write a paper that compared these two books in order to generate a theory of what both books mean. I focused on how one main character from each book were similar to inherently compare the books to one another. The characters I compared were Gatsby (from The Great Gatsby) and Clare (from Passing). As the title of both the paper and this blog post suggest, the most compelling evidence I dug up about the similarities between these characters was in regard to friendships they had. As such, the meaning of these books I inferred was along the lines of telling us something about friendships (but you’ll have to read the paper to find out exactly what lesson the books can offer us).