Mother Teresa Biography Project

/ 10 October 2011

As a longer-term assignment for my Women, Men and Peace course we’ve each been researching someone that falls into the boundaries of the course content to write a short biography paper on. I chose to do Mother Teresa for my biography project partly because she both fit the assignment’s frame and I have family members who actually met her. As I did my research I continually felt like strands of what I was reading were interconnected with family history in some ways. Logically that makes zero sense, but it served to make working on this project much more personal and not entirely academic. That said, even if just because it happened to be the first academic assignment for which I checked books out of our library, it still had solid ties to academics. This was a fun project to work on over the past couple weekends, but I’m glad that it’s finally done and can live out the rest of its existence available to everyone from my website. Questions, comments, or concerns regarding this project can be directed to me if you have them.