TotW: 2011-07-16 to 2011-07-22

/ 22 July 2011
  • liked the last Harry Potter movie quite a lot. ->
  • assumes that there is a 50/50 chance that Lion will roar into the wild this week or next week (the remainder of July). ->
  • has in thinking about Lion's possible release later this week checked the compatibility of all his apps on RoaringApps: ->
  • : Apple confirmed Lion's launch is tomorrow during the earnings call! Maybe as early as 7:30 am my time... (we'll just have to see). ->
  • 's day will consist of installing Lion onto his Mac and likely playing Angry Birds while he waits for the download and install to complete. ->
  • thinks Lion may now be available thanks to a script he's been running, but it has yet to show up on the Mac App Store... ->
  • : And OS X Lion is now available on the Mac App Store! ->
  • ?'s 12-minute Lion download has begun. He'll be posting Lion-related updates all day. ->
  • And the Lion install has now begun... ->
  • will have a Lion-based Mac in 33 minutes according to the installer (that had zero configuration options ->
  • wonders why the initial Lion install doesn't come with web access via Safari when the restore partition does... ->
  • wonders what "-3 minutes" means in the installation time remaining... ->
  • 's Mac is now rebooting into Lion. The login screen is quite different... ->
  • if you're looking to read about OS X Lion before install check out the ARS Technica review: ->
  • just noticed that the latest iTunes still has a visible scrollbar in the cover flow view... ->