TotW: 2011-05-07 to 2011-05-13

/ 13 May 2011
  • will in the next 7 days: 1. Finish spring semester classes; 2. Survive Finals Week; 3. Be home for no more tha… (cont) ->
  • liked the pancakes he just got done eating. Late(ish)-night gatherings for the whole floor (or whoever show… (cont) ->
  • is done with Spring Semester classes, just 2 finals and minor final editing to 2 papers left to go. ->
  • is both not looking forward to the POLS final he'll be in the middle of 24 hours from now and can't wait for it to be over with. ->
  • really needs to stop wearing long-sleeve shirts... Well, that will happen tomorrow morning. ->
  • just found some mints he's had since Christmas in his suitcase... Not surprisingly they're still quite good. ->
  • really has to study POLS... 1.5 hours tomorrow plus just over an hour left of possible study time today before the exam. ->
  • has about an hour left to study before the POLS exam... ->
  • is about to start the POLS exam... ->
  • is so glad to be done with the POLS final... ->
  • has now completed 3 of 4 classes. Just need to edit written answers for the PCST 221 final tomorrow then ge… (cont) ->
  • : The weather certainly matches the end of school. One indicator is that he has started wearing shorts and short-sleeve shirts. ->
  • is sitting in a residence hall that is much emptier then it was this morning on this final evening/night of living in Mary Hall @ SJU. ->
  • is @ the start of the last day of the academic year, by 10 am he be a sophomore & by 4 pm he'll be leaving campus for the summer. ->
  • is done!! ->
  • 's summer break has begun. He'll be home for roughly the next 3/4 of a day and then be heading off to Martha's Vineyard for 2 weeks. ->