The Confluence of Facebook and Nonviolence

/ 10 May 2011

For most of this past semester at CSB/SJU I’ve been working on a research project for FYS (First-Year Seminar) that explored how Tunisia and Egypt used social media to launch and sustain their nonviolent social revolutions of early 2011. Earlier today I turned in the final draft of the paper. It has been a long road I’ve traveled to complete this project and I’m excited and relieved that it is done with. As one final task for the project it is my pleasure to point you to where the final paper is online over at the project’s website. I welcome you to ask questions regarding it, comment on it, critique it, or just plain discuss it in the comments to this blog post. I wrote the paper while everything over in the Arab World was still hot and hadn’t settled down yet. As such I fully understand that the evidence and final assertions I give in my paper may prove inaccurate as the aftermaths of the Arab Spring revolutions settle down. Anyway, I hope that you read this paper and find it interesting enough to consider passing along to your friends.