TotW: 2011-04-30 to 2011-05-06

/ 6 May 2011
  • looked out his window and it looks like it'll be a wet day... ->
  • is trying to work on papers (pcst, hist, fys) but mainly straying off to other tasks... ->
  • in 7 days will be done with classes for the semester, just not finals. ->
  • just found out that all the pcst exam will be in class next Friday (@ 8 am) is playing the trivia game, the re… (cont) ->
  • has come up with a unique way of studying for the pcst trivia game that would achieve other motives as well..… (cont) ->
  • wants to welcome his newest cousin to the family and this world we all live in! ->
  • just got rid of most of the bulky items he had in his dorm since his mom was up here for a meeting anyways. ->