TotW: 2011-03-05 to 2011-03-11

/ 11 March 2011
  • : So what was Apple's earliest UIPopoverController? My bet is the editing "popover" in iCal that showed up i… (cont) ->
  • is more than a little annoyed that Google Calendar has seemingly lost track of one of his main calendars... He hopes they fix the issue soon ->
  • doesn't exactly like that it is snowing and likely will most of the week, hopefully it won't mess with anything that he has to do this week. ->
  • should overall have probably spent more time on PCST studying today and less time reading 7 chapters of Here Comes Everybody.... #fyssm ->
  • agrees with his PCST professor that this TED Talk will likely be useful in his FYS paper: #fyssm ->
  • just wants to point out that all iOS users can now install the iOS 4.3 update and all of us developers can get the final Xcode 4 for free. ->
  • has approximately 24 hours till Spring Break. ->
  • has PCST221 and POLS111, then it's time to head home! ->
  • is home for the duration of Spring Break! ->