TotW: 2011-02-19 to 2011-02-25

/ 25 February 2011
  • got the research scaffold mostly done for FYS, but hasn't yet touched his history paper today. Weekend days are just too fast! #fyssm ->
  • isn't quite looking forward to getting inches of snow (upwards of 5-10) over the next few days... So much for warmer weather. ->
  • @DesktopDeck When using, does the tweet's full text get sent to FB (as it supports more than 140) or the content posted to Twitter? ->
  • is wondering what the situation will be regarding classes tomorrow given the snow... I actually hope there ar… (cont) ->
  • has no classes today due to the snow. ->
  • : It being a snow day doesn't mean he'll do much outside, but rather that he might get more academic work done sooner than expected. ->
  • just turned in the first graded portion of his research project, a scaffolding to explore current conversation: #fyssm ->
  • found out how to import his class schedule and academic calendar to iCal automatically and can tell other CSB/SJU students how he did it... ->
  • was pointed to this site in his history class when discussing blacks at the turn of the century: Painful but necessary ->
  • definitely found Machomer ( ) a fun show to attend tonight, and not just because his family came up for it and as an FAE. ->