TotW: 2011-02-12 to 2011-02-18

/ 18 February 2011
  • is pretty sure that even if he spends all his free time on the history paper he still won't pull out an ample amount of evidence / citations ->
  • : Time flies way too fast on the weekends, not that it doesn't on the weekdays too, how is it almost 3:30 already? ->
  • will spend this next week experimenting w/ Google's Exchange interface on his pad and may switch to it for his phone next weekend. ->
  • It turns out that 3 of his 4 profs this semester have solid ties to the PCST Dept. here... What are the chances of the 4th having ties too? ->
  • can't help but wonder how true this may be: ->
  • already likes how simple RefWorks is to work with while doing research for his FYS research paper. ->
  • is glad it's Friday evening, but shocked at just how fast the week went by. ->