TotW: 2011-02-05 to 2011-02-11

/ 11 February 2011
  • should probably work on his history paper sometime today, but will likely spend huge portions just learning more about Xcode 4... ->
  • spent his day on that HIST 152 paper, now has a 7-page draft with not much evidence and no citations. Those 2 things will be added later... ->
  • likes the little tricks he's learned that make pulling information out of his textbooks a bit easier, though may not be as proper. ->
  • has come to the conclusion that college is just as much a lifestyle as it is school, work, or anything else you may call it. ->
  • anyone who plays Angry Birds, and didn't catch the SuperBowl hint, may want to read this before playing level 13-12: ->
  • So Mubarak has stepped down. ->
  • has just completely bombarded his mom with forwarded emails, links, and documents regarding Egypt and his nonviolence peace studies class. ->