I AM Poem for my First Year Seminar Course

/ 27 August 2010

One minor goal of mine throughout my college career is to post every single assignment I complete to my blog as soon as I can after the class period in which I turn the assignment in. In doing so I’ll be building a permanent record of all my coursework, but also open all of that work to you all for viewing and commenting on. So here is the first assignment for my First Year Seminar course at Saint John’s University in Collegeville, MN, it is an I AM Poem, not too different in concept from the assignment I did for 10th Grade Biology back in September of 2007. The poem is below:

I am someone who enjoys most of what he does. I am considerate of others’ feelings and beliefs. I am deeply connected to my faith. I am someone who has been in a school that has helped to prepare me for college. I am a person who likes individual work much better than partner or teamwork. I am one who loves to read for pleasure, but that may change during college. I am one of just two family members who were present for a death in the family. I am a person who has an open mind and heart towards new knowledge. I am someone that has second-guessed major decisions in the past and present. I am my own individual self, even while inheriting opinions of my parents. I am someone who has accomplished lots in these short 18 years. I am a person who has a seminary professor for a mother. I am someone whose father has been a consultant in this bad economy. I am a person with a wide range of skills getting wider by the day. I am someone who has had a very interesting first 18 years.