Senior Project Presentation and Finalization

/ 26 May 2010

Yesterday I presented my senior presentation and also finalized my senior project. These were some of my final steps towards high school graduation on June 9th. My senior project was "iPhone Application Development", and as the primary deliverable I worked on an iPhone App named PF Touch that integrates to the Project Foundry. The software development company that Eric and I created back in October of 2009, named Tenseg, was created as a first step in my senior project. I wasn't able to complete PF Touch before yesterday's finalization, but it along with other software development projects that were a part of my senior project are continuing on under Tenseg as independent software development projects. At this point I have only one fairly easy project finalization before I can graduate. I don't think that the true magnitude of what I accomplished yesterday has quite hit me just yet, but with two or three more school days of having no classes and really no projects I think that it will.