What would someone say about you in a letter of reccomendation?

/ 5 March 2010

Well, I’m answering this question a few months too late. The reason simply being that as a piece of being accepted at Saint John’s University I’ve already gotten two letters of recommendation. Nonetheless I thought that providing a short reflection on this, then providing some of the themes covered in the real letters would be a nice thing to lock away in this senior journaling. Overall those who’d write a letter of recommendation would say how on-task and diligent I am about schoolwork. They would give explanation to some of the potential downsides an institution may find when reviewing my application. They would also make absolutely sure to state what work they find extraordinary of mine and what trait they enjoy most of mine. All of this would be stated as simply as it could be with a note to contact them if more details are requested. I have no intention of giving away who I asked to write me letters of recommendation for my college applications, but I do intend to say where my quick assumptions met reality and what else got stated that may have surprised me. Both letters effectively started by explaining who the people who wrote them are and that they were pleased that I’d asked them to write letters of recommendations for me. Both mentioned me being on-task and diligent in their own ways. Finally, both were absolutely sure to mention what they thought about the work I’ve been up to for my senior project and other independent work. I know that this was written months after it should have been to be entirely proper and unbiased. But it at least lets my views on this topic be visible nonetheless and I did stay far away from the exact letters, leaving just the core points still visible in this post.