What are your earliest memories?

/ 12 February 2010

The question of what are my earliest memories has two tangents onto which answering can go down. One is attempting to look at nothing but this page and figure out what my earliest memory would be. This is a much more complex, but more fun and pure method of answering. The other is a heavy use of technology, and would be digging into both the earliest photos in my iPhoto library and printed photo albums to find what my earliest memory triggered by those photos is. This is similar to finding a memory based on stories my parents have told me. I’ll do a mix of both here for you. I was born in Beverly, MA, and grew up in Boston before moving here to the Twin Cities, so some of my earliest memories are within Boston’s transit system. See, until legos and through them, computer programming, took their solid hold on my hobbies I was really into trains. So I’m told that sometimes the only thing my parents could do to calm me down was take me to the edge of the Orange Line’s tracks a few blocks from our Jamaica Plain house. Even separate of that I have a memory of one time when we stayed on a train we knew wasn’t going to stop at our station just because of how much I enjoyed riding the trains. Other photo-aided memories are of the dining room-turned playroom we had in our house in JP. The primary photos I still have are electronic and are I think from one of my early birthdays. I remember how messy the room got and the black wire-like shelves (that are now in my room here in the Twin Cities) that held those toys. Just now with that as the basis of thought I remember how there were two paths in our front yard going between the front walk and the driveway. One was wood chips (the one I think I preferred) and the other just dirt. I can remember how sometimes when taking baths I would imagine the house was one of the Apollo rockets. By far these are just the start, I could go on at length off of the base I’ve laid out before you. I can be sure that all of my early memories fall when I still lived in Boston, but all of them if I wrote them here would end up seeming somewhat random. Our pasts builds the path for our futures, so it’s quite good that I can remember all this. I genuinely enjoy that I could recall all this, but for time’s sake will stop here.