Which kinds of students can succeed at Avalon?

/ 21 December 2009

There are only a few categories of students that can succeed at Avalon. I know I’ve mentioned this somewhere here already, but I look at Avalon’s student body as a wide range of students. On one end are those that are individual enough to almost need the unique learning environment Avalon provides, and then I feel like there are only enough students as could be counted by hand that end up at Avalon because no other school would take them. Now, that low end doesn’t succeed. Anyone between the low and high ends has a good chance of succeeding at Avalon. Then those students, like me, who almost need the learning environment Avalon provides to succeed well will always succeed at Avalon. We can take the existing project process, and then expand it to our own levels with little things here and there improved upon. Overall we Avalonians are quite unique. In pretty much every other high school you’d find certain solid categories. But at Avalon all you find are certain students sticking together based on one common characteristic, but that are otherwise entirely unique. I also believe that it becomes clear pretty fast which students won’t be able to succeed, and so they don’t necessarily succeed. It just depends, but usually per year by winter break most of the students at the school have a decent chance of success.