What is an incident that changed your life?

/ 21 December 2009

I can’t immediately think of a specific incident in my own life, so much as an event that no doubt changed millions of lives. That event was just under a year ago, on January 20th. As you could no doubt guess, the event was Obama’s presidential inauguration. For most people this was something they saw on TV, or not at all for a small amount of people. In my case, I was actually one of the (relatively) few who was standing on the National Mall as the event unfolded. The question of exactly how this changed my life? Well, to put it bluntly, because Obama’s our first African-American president and not only was I alive when he got elected and inaugurated, but I was also just barely 2 miles away from him as he took the oath of office. The entire trip was crazy, to say the least, but it has definitely changed my life with the feeling of how deeply important and historic an event it was that I had just witnessed with my bare eyes. Beyond that fairly obvious reason, I wouldn’t be able to say a whole lot about how the incident changed me that much right now. I just have this feeling that it did.