Are you a competent reader, and how can that be important?

/ 15 November 2009

I’m definitely a competent reader and you only need to look at my habits to find examples. For one, though I’ve pretty much stopped doing this due to tiredness levels, I was deeply in the habit of reading each night before going to sleep. This is what makes it clear why I’m one of the students in my advisory that actually reads during Reading Time daily. The literature projects that I’m in the dead middle of right now are another key example. Some students can’t really sustain literature projects simply because they may not be as competent a reader as others. Those students take literature seminars to meet the requirements instead of running independent projects to do so. I simply love to read, which is what makes me so competent at the task. Now, how can this help me, or any of my classmates? That can have quite a lot of discussion surrounding it. Here are a few of the ways that it has helped me so far. Reading provides a decent and endlessly vast escape from reality, so I like that reading provides me with those kinds of escapes, and that Avalon facilitates it with Reading Time. I may be one of just a few (in retrospect) today that reads the newspaper daily, but the bits of news I get out of that is definitely a useful way to stay “in the loop” on some of the news. Now, even more so, I read blogs all the time, which is also a great way to get news that is relevant to my interests and life. There are many other examples, I’m sure, that just aren’t coming to me at the moment. One final note I think should be made in response to this question is how the term “competent” can technically have slightly different meanings for different individuals and families. The basic definition, as I see it, is that not only are you reading on a regular basis, but you’re picking up at least some of the underlying message of what you’re reading. If you’re reading more for pleasure than work or school, then the key for competency is that you’re enjoying the story and feeling like you’re truly diving into the universe of the story when reading it. But as I just said, this term is one of those that is a fluid scale of meanings, so this is all just one point of view.