Describe the perfect school

/ 23 October 2009

I’ll start out by saying that I’m at the perfect school. Avalon has all the things that for me make up a perfect school, so it is the perfect school. So, unlike many of my senior journals this may not be as long. But I’ll at least explain what aspects of Avalon make it the perfect school.

Let me start with the project-based element. I can easily form projects that meet the needed standards, as well as meet my own personal goals and that incorporate my own interests. That means that the projects I do reflect me, and I will actually get most of them done with minimal friction. Take this block, for example, and you’ll find that I’m only taking two seminars, the rest of my work is projects. Projects have become the best way for me to learn the content of most course areas. Interconnected with the projects is how individual and unique the work that we are doing is. Not many people are doing exactly the same work, unlike what will always be the case with traditional schools. The fact that these projects are mainly independent projects means that we can truly determine when, where, and how we will be doing the work. I deeply enjoy that the single person with the most direct control over my weekly schedule is myself. I keep a solid schedule that differs only slightly when I’m actually in the week. Outside of the week I can redo it, but I never lose time if a separate commitment gets added, I just move the time for that work. Maybe that is why I get so much done in such a relatively short amount of time. The size of the student body and building are aspects of Avalon that are important to me and make the school the perfect school. Large class sizes simply are not fun, and needing to spend up to 7 minutes between classes isn’t fun either. The 160-180 students at Avalon make the entire environment a bit more intimate, we all know almost everyone else, as well as make the classes much more manageable so that we may actually learn something. The building itself consists of just 1.5 fairly small floors in a building that contains two schools. So even though the classes are back-to-back we can all get from class to class easily (though my schedule never has back-to-back classes anyway). These are just a few examples of what the perfect school is for me. There are more aspects, but the major aspects are what I just mentioned. But in truth the whole notion of the perfect school is kind of an odd notion to have.