What is the Best Thing That Has Happened to You During High School?

/ 9 October 2009

What was the best thing that has so far happened to me during my experience in high school? That depends on if I talk about outside of school or inside of school. Well, what I consider to have been the best thing to happen to me during high school sort of goes across both categories. That thing is finding Avalon. Now, not just having found Avalon for the last half of high school, but the events and my school career that led up to being a member of Avalon’s student body. The school that I went to before Avalon for 6th to 10th grade was Crosswinds. Crosswinds is an International Baccalaureate school with a focus on the arts and sciences. There were only about 600 students in the school while I was there. Avalon is much smaller, but Crosswinds is also fairly small, so class sizes were manageable. The way that we were taught at Crosswinds also was, though not truly project-based, certainly a good baseboard for individual and successful learning. Also, if I had not been going to Crosswinds I may not have heard of Avalon. Yes, there are other ways would have found this wonderful project-based school, but not ways in which I would hear what actual former classmates of mine at Crosswinds would say. Avalon was the third school I looked at back in 10th grade and from effectively the moment I stepped into Avalon for an open house I knew that I’d found the perfect school for me. True to the initial feeling, Avalon has been a wonderful place for me to finish out the last two years of high school. I’ve done quite a few cool projects and have managed to keep myself on track with the standards in ways that fit my learning style, but that no other school could provide for me. So, in conclusion, simply finding Avalon is the best thing that has happened to me so far in my high school career. The past year was a wonderful experience and this year is turning out to be too. This school is definitely unique in what goes on and that is certainly for the better!