Summer 2009 At An End

/ 7 September 2009

Well, it is Labor Day. That means that this time tomorrow I’ll have just started my senior year at Avalon. It also means that clearly I haven’t been writing blog posts as often as I’d hoped I would over the summer. I was simply too busy with everything from iPhone OS 3.0, to the Stanford iPhone Application Development Course, to CVA weeklong courses, to various trips, to a weeklong architecture workshop, to finally Snow Leopard just over a week ago. I know that I could’ve blogged during and about all those things, but I didn’t for whatever reason. I’m now looking at my Avalon Senior Workbook and planning how I want my senior project idea to work.

Knowing what this final year of high school for me will entail I worry that finding the time to constantly blog won’t happen as much as I want it to. However, last year I tried to turn every journal entry that I wrote for school into a blog post, and this year my journal entries will be entirely guided by a 2.3-page list of questions to help guide us Avalon seniors with writing our autobiography. Since I need to be sure that I keep track of those reflections, I’ll make sure that each one ends up here as well as saved in text files, not just written straight to the ProjectFoundry like I did last year. I’ll store those posts within their own category and will name them with the question that I’m answering. I regularly do that journaling once weekly, so that should guarantee at least one blog post from me per week.

Overall this summer has been fun and enjoyable. I hope that the school year is as well (for everyone), but in a week I’ll be able to tell that one way or the other. It certainly should be productive and useful to my future, though, however much I truly enjoy it. Enjoy the start of school, Alex.