A Week Full of SnapShots

/ 10 July 2009

Over this past week I’ve been in a course on Digital Photography at the College of Visual Arts in Saint Paul. The class got quite a bit technical at first, but covered many really cool ways of looking at making photographs that helped make some really interesting shots. For each of the first 3 days we spent the time learning some aspect of composition (or technical aspect) and of course spending at least one to two hours out and about on campus and all along Summit Avenue taking photos. The last two (to two and half) days were spent learning lots about Photoshop and the many ways you can just ever so slightly enhance photographs. I made primarily minor edits to my photos, but also spent some time making some major changes using techniques that may end in the photo being labeled “Photoshoped”, but as I only lightly used the capabilities none of the photos look too unrealistic. Now that I’ve explained the course and photos to you let me point you off to two separate collections of my photos! The first set is hosted here on my website and is mainly the photos that I had printed plus a few extra that I love. The second set is up at my Flickr account and is a much broader range of my photos, 45 to be exact, that are still just a sampler (I took 237 photos total), but are a very nice set to explore. I hope you enjoy these photos, feel free to comment about them here or on Flickr. Enjoy, Alex.