Going To D.C. For Obama’s Inauguration

/ 17 January 2009

I know that I haven’t been posting here much at all (I’ve been writing more Facebook status updates, which I mean to show up in the header here at some point), but I have been fairly busy with school and other home-related tasks. I have been writing journal entries for school weekly, but also haven’t been reposting those here like I probably should have done.

Anyways, I just wanted to formally mark in my blog that each of the 4 of my immediate family members (including myself) as well as a portion of my extended Celeste family will be a tiny tiny tiny percentage of the 3 million that will be in D.C. for Barack Obama’s Swearing In Ceremony this Tuesday! We leave for the airport at around 4:30 am Monday and will be returning at around 9:00 pm Thursday. Thankfully we have a friend to stay with, but will also spend some time during the days with family that are staying at hotels. Overall the experience will gain me a ton of Lifelong Learning hours for Avalon, as well as simply be the most historic event in our lifetimes so far. I’ve already done all the needed seminar work for next week, and had designed my projects around the trip, so the only issue with school comes in the link that attendance records have to funding.

For those that aren’t as lucky as to be in Washington D.C. for this historic event, you can watch the Microsoft Silverlight-based live internet stream of it available at the pic2009 website. Enjoy this upcoming historic week (as I doubt that I’ll be posting here until after the event takes place), Alex.