Austria 2008 Websites

/ 12 December 2008

I’ve now been home for 2 weeks and it was earlier this week that I finalized the 3 independent projects that I was working on while in Vienna. I also understand that I haven’t blogged since the second week of that trip. I feel like it is entirely sensible for me to provide you with the link to the final deliverable for all three of those projects. I really can’t describe these projects much further than just to point you off to the actual website. The site may seem like a jumbled mess of a ton of various different forms of information on Vienna, Beethoven, and the German language, but if you look at the big picture (or simply the sidebar) you’ll see how the different pages break down into the 3 projects. For those of my readers who may be more personally related to my family, you may be intrigued to look at some more vacation-like photos that Eric put up on Flickr. Overall these two sites have relevant connections to each other, but more importantly in this case, to our visit to Oma in Vienna this past month (November 2008). Enjoy, Alex.