Mac OS X 10.5.5 Update Released

/ 15 September 2008

Earlier this afternoon Apple sent out the long-awaited Mac OS X v10.5.5 Software Update. This update is a 321 MB download. A detailed list of all the enhancements is available on the Apple Support Website. Core components that have changes packaged in this update include:

General operating system fixes including extensive graphics enhancements Address Book Disk Utility Directory Utility iCal Mail MobileMe including overall sync reliability and Back To My Mac reliability Time Machine

As usual, I suggest that you download this update tonight, but don’t actually install it until the weekend. This is so that the actual update installer safely resides on your Mac, but you give ample time for the early adopters to learn the troublesome aspects of this update before you nose-dive into it yourself. Also, as always, I strongly recommend making a bootable backup before installing point releases of OS X. Enjoy, Alex.