Super-Excited/ Almost Hyper About Avalon

/ 26 August 2008

There is just one more week of this summer break before the 2008-09 school year gets underway. This very afternoon I have a new student orientation to attend at Avalon followed by a start-of-year picnic this evening. Tomorrow is my before-school parent-student-teacher conference and in that I’ll get to meet my advisor and get all the details that I don’t learn today straightened out. Then, it’ll be a straight-shot amount of a halfweek until next Tuesday at 9:00 am when the year officially begins. Sometime late last week Eric and I went for a walk to Avalon primarily to see how long it actually takes. It took us just 45 minutes, that’s a shorter period of time than my 60 minute bus ride to Crosswinds. I won’t (most likely), but could even leave the house later and walking to Avalon arrive 5 to 10 minutes before the schol day begins. In fact, though I could take the city bus to school easily enough, after that walk it was made clearer to me that I’d actually prefer to walk then ride any bus or car to school. I’ve also already begun to create a (long) list of areas of interest for me to use to figure out what kinds of projects I’d like to do. I already have an idea of a project that would involve the public transit system here and compare it directly up against the public transit system of Vienna in a huge amount of different levels and datatypes. This project idea has come out of my keen interest for public transit systems, but mainly from the fact that we’re trying to be able to go to Vienna for most of November. Anyways, I’m sure anyone who’s reading this by now gets the fact that I’m way to eager for these next and last two years of high school to begin. I’m sure that this post won’t be alone in it’s feeling between now and next Tuesday. Enjoy, Alex.